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Pressure Washers for Industrial and Commercial Use
Federal Government Sales
Federal Government Sales

Federal Government Sales

Welcome to Landa Karcher Group’s Federal Government customer page. Landa Karcher Group is the leading supplier of equipment through GSA on schedule 49 – shop maintenance equipment. Our line of products includes pressure washers, steam cleaners, solvent free parts washers, oil water separators, and wash water recycling systems.

Landa Karcher Group has maintained a GSA contract since 1991. We now have equipment on virtually every US Military installation around the world. Every item we sell is available through the Federal Supply System and comes with the full commercial warranty. Many items even have NSNsassigned.

Landa Karcher Group has a network of hundreds of dealers and distributors throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We are the only pressure washer vendor with a GSA contract that includes free on site training with each machine. Our service extends beyond the initial sale with our network of dealers providing support for everything we sell. As a result of our outstanding reputation, we now have over 10,000 cleaning systems in operation with the U.S. Military worldwide.

Federal Government Sales

Our pressure washers and steam cleaners are used by all branches of the Military. These systems are used to clean everything from tactical equipment to air crafts. We offer hot water, cold water, and steam cleaners. We manufacture over a hundred different models ranging from small 2 gpm at 1000 psi all the way up to our incredibly powerful 10 gpm or 5000 psi machines. What ever your cleaning requirements are, Landa Karcher Group has a power washer that can do the job.

The Military isn’t the only organization that can take advantage of our GSA contract. We have sold many machines to the US Postal Service, FEMA, US Coast Guard, National Parks Service, US Border Control, Dept. of Agriculture, US Embassies, and even Federal Prisons. If you are a federally funded organization, you are eligible to buy through our GSA program.

NSN 4940-01-025-9856
GSA Contract GS-07F-0496T

This military spec portable pressure washer is designed for use with the HUMVEE, It is an MTOE item. It is the most rugged system available for washing on post or in the field. There has never been a high-mobility, power washing, trailer package quite like it. Landa Karcher Group has combined its diesel-powered SDHW hot-water pressure washer with a TACOM approved HMT trailer to create a rugged self-contained system that needs no external power and can operate in the field without a water spigot.

Federal Government Sales

Landa Karcher Group’s most rugged, diesel-powered, hot-water pressure washer is mounted on the trailer. Powered by a 26 HP Lombardini engine, the SDHW6-35824E/M delivers the blasting power of 5.2 GPM and 3500 PSI. It is protected by a painted stainless front cover and features a Schedule 80 heating coil with a 5-year warranty. A 2000W generator is part of the unit and provides an extra 120V power outlet for field use. Unlike previous military pressure washers, no electrical hookup is needed.

 Each trailer comes equipped with a durable metal box for storage of tools and cleaning accessories. The box has a locking lid and measures 47.5” W x 21”H x 20”D. Two tangle-free, easy-crank hose reels are mounted on the trailer for supporting the one or two-gun cleaning option available with the hot-water pressure washer.

The LTT trailer has been tested and approved by TACOM for use with the HUMVEE. It is built for off-road mobility with width and wheel track matching the HUMVEE. The chassis is made of aluminum with high-strength steel rivets and a high corrosion-resistance pre-treatment. It has hydraulic actuated surge brakes with automatic trailer breakaway.

An easy-to-store pillow tank, made of 34 oz. PVC-coated polyester, is filled with water and set to the side of the trailer for well over an hour of uninterrupted cleaning time in the field. A spigot hookup, when used on post, provides uninterrupted cleaning.

The system is available in either desert tan or Army green. The total weight is under 3100 lbs. There are over 1,000 of these systems currently in use with the Army, Reserves, National Guard and Marines. As per DOD requirements, this pressure washer is certified to UL-1776 safety standards.

To request a GSA quote, please visit our GSA Customers page on In addition to pressure washers, Karcher offers many cleaning solutions to federal organizations including parts washers, water treatment systems, floor care equipment, as well as peacekeeping and disaster relief solutions.

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