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Pressure Washers for Industrial and Commercial Use

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LANDA dealers are the most seasoned consultants in the industry devoting many years to helping customers just like you analyze and solve high-pressure cleaning problems, everything from tackling water hardness to identifying local wastewater treatment regulations. LANDA dealers are well schooled in the sometimes complex formula of combining the right pressure washer with the ideal detergent or accessory to produce the fastest, most effective cleaning solution for your application. LANDA dealers offer on-site demonstrations to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Local Cleaning Expertise
Pressure Washer Cleaner Expert
Certified Technical Support
Industrial Washer Expert

LANDA dealers provide technical knowledge and support that helps keep equipment in top condition and helping end users avoid costly downtime.

Authorized LANDA service centers are required to pass a rigorous factory certification training program and are regularly schooled in the field and at the factory on the intricacies of effective high-pressure cleaning. LANDA service centers also provide on-site technical and preventive maintenance support for added protection to your investment. In short, LANDA's got your back!

Contact Your Local Dealer First. When you choose a LANDA pressure washer, you don't just end up with the highest quality cleaning equipment on the market, you also get a business partner—somebody who is committed to keeping you happy and your machine running smoothly. LANDA dealers are experts in cleaning applications, and are in business to provide you with not only parts and service that will keep your equipment operating at peak performance, but also, the peace of mind in knowing that a qualified technician is just a phone call away.

Here is what you can expect from your local LANDA dealer:

2) Application Expertise. LANDA dealers understand that every cleaning situation is unique, and are committed to finding the "just right" solution for any challenge, big or small. LANDA dealers are skilled in the complex formula of combining the right pressure washer with the ideal detergent or accessory to produce the fastest, most effective cleaning solution for your application. In addition, dealers offer on-site demonstrations to help you see for yourself exactly which product is best for you!

3) Support After the Sale. LANDA dealers know that their relationship with you doesn't end once the sale is made. Dealers provide the ongoing technical support necessary to keep your equipment running in top condition— helping you avoid costly downtime. On-site technical assistance and preventive maintenance support are provided to ensure added protection for your investment. And, LANDA dealers have ready access to accessories and detergents to maximize the effectiveness of your pressure washer cleaning.

4) Safety Advisor. LANDA was the first pressure washer manufacturer to certify all its equipment to meet strict UL-1776 safety standards. Once you purchase your new LANDA pressure washer, we recommend your employees be trained on proper operation to assure their health and safety. Your local dealers are trained to provide a detailed installation and training class for your employees, and distribute materials for future training sessions.

But wait, there's more!

  • Genuine replacement parts from a local partner
  • Detergents and accessories
  • 25-point service checklists
  • Loaner and rental programs
  • Financing options
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