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Power Wash Trailer
Humvee Makers Choose Landa Karcher Group MPE Ruggedness

AM General Corp, manufacturer of the famous off- and on-road Humvee vehicles, owns three of Landa Karcher Group’s beefiest cold water pressure washers that deliver cleaning power of up to 5,000 PSI. Was the Landa Karcher Group MPE pressure washer worth the investment? Replies Fred Marsh, Plant Maintenance Manager for the Hummer division in Mishawaka, Illinois: "They must have been pretty good. I’ve bought four of them!"

It Keeps Going and Going…

There’s an Energizer Bunny in the pressure washer industry. And it’s painted black and yellow and it just keeps on going. So says Mike O’Rourke, of Trans-Clean in Stratford, Conn., who’s been in the cleaning industry for nearly two decades. He’s tried to wear out several Landa Karcher Group pressure washers but they just keep on cleaning.

Three PHW electric-powered hot-water pressure washers have been operating up to 24 hours a day for seven years at a Connecticut truck wash.

At another truck wash facility, a Landa Karcher Group stationary, natural gas-fired VNG pressure washer has been working for 11 years cleaning up to 11 hours a day, five days a week.

Mike himself owns 14 PGDC mini-skid hot-water pressure washers that he’s used constantly for years in his contract cleaning business. "The key," he says, "is regular preventive maintenance."

Pressure Cleaner Accessories

Washing Elephants and Barns with Landa Karcher Group PDE

At the Elephant Sanctuary, in Hohenwald, Tenn., 65 miles south of Nashville, they use a Landa Karcher Group PDE pressure washer for bathing elephants several times a week and cleaning barns.

"It is absolutely wonderful," says Scott Blais, facilities director at the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary for endangered elephants. On hot summer afternoons, the washer is also used to cool off the elephants. "They play in the mist," Blais said. Carol Buckley, the sanctuary’s executive director adds: "It’s excellent. It’s small, light. I’ve used other pressure washers that were a real chore. This is lightweight. And the [low] noise level is great."

Mmm, Mmm Good, Landa Karcher Group VNG Works Wonders at Grandma’s Kitchen

Landa Karcher Group’s natural gas heated hot water pressure washers, that have become the standard in the industry, have logged more than 55,000 hours with minimal downtime at Grandma Shearer’s massive kitchens in Canton, Ohio. "There’s hardly been any downtime," says Plant Engineer Tom Nolan. "They’re very reliable."

Power Wash Accessories

Landa Karcher Group SEA, Solves Aquarium Deep Cleaning Need

Dive safety officer Pete Pehl at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA said he tried the Landa Karcher Group SEA for underwater cleaning of delicate plant life just once and was sold. "I got in the water and did some cleaning with it and 10 minutes after that we decided to buy two," he recalled. "They save us 10 man hours a day, easily," freeing up more time for underwater cleaning tasks.

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