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Pressure Washers for Industrial and Commercial Use

ECOS Mobile Wash/Reclaim System

The Landa Karcher Group ECOS is an environmentally-friendly, patent-pending mobile wash and reclaim system that combines a hot water pressure washing system with an integrated wastewater recovery and filtration system on a tandem-axle trailer. With this system, the wash water can be recycled and reused to reduce fresh water usage or discharged to the sewer—pending environmental regulations.

The ECOS is ideal for contract cleaners, municipalities, and ports. Other markets include building service contractors, fleet maintenance contractors, construction contractors, rental contractors, state and federal government. Best of all, the fully self-contained mobile ECOS can go almost anywhere.

  • 4.7 GPM, 3,500 PSI hot water pressure washer with Honda GX660 gasoline engine and Landa Karcher Group LT pump
  • Recaptures, filters, and recycles wastewater for continuous use with a multi-stage filtering system.  Multi-Stage Filtering System includes a 40 gallon holding tank with a 500 micron mesh/100 micron duo-polyester Pre-Filter Sock, a 50 micronPleated Polyester Filter (20 micron on LX and DX models), a 20 micron Pleated Polyester Filter (5 micron on LX and DX models), and an Oil Absorbent Media Bag. Clean water is directed to selected tanks for reuse, or can be dumped directly to drain, pending local EPA requirements. 
  • 50 feet of 2-inch vacuum hose and dragable, non-tipping suction head with 105 CFM of suction
  • Patented Trans-Heat technology provides efficient heating of water, fuel savings, lower emissions, and a faster return on investment (Patent No. US-2011-0232696-A1)
  • Four Polyethylene Water Tanks provide 400 gallons of clean water for continuous cleaning
  • Two locked compartments and additional space available for storage inside galley
  • Dual fuel tanks (17 gallons each of gasoline and diesel)
  • Durable Swing-Away Tongue (rated for 7,500 lbs) connects with either a 5/16-inch Ball Coupler or Lunette Ring (DX model), 7-pin Electrical Trailer Plug and heavy-duty 2,000 lb. capacity Swivel Jack, allowing trailer to be stored in a smaller area. 
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