Pressure Washer Safety

Buy with confidence knowing your Landa pressure washer is engineered with safety in mind. Just like personnel, your equipment is an investment worth protecting. Landa pressure washers are built with advanced components to prevent equipment malfunction and personal injury when following the operator instructions. All Landa pressure washers are certified by ETL, a nationally-recognized testing laboratory, to rigid UL and CSA safety standards*.

Landa’s Commitment to Safety.

All Landa pressure washers are tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NTRL) accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Using a set of standards to test for technical competence, Landa has been certified by ETL (Intertek) meeting UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and CSA (Canadian Standard Association) safety requirements.*

Here are only a few of the features that have qualified Landa pressure washers for the additional confidence and liability protection you receive when you own equipment certified by a testing lab.


*UL 1776 High-Pressure Cleaning Machines, CSA B140.11 Oil Gas-Fired Commercial/Industrial Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners, and/or CSA C22.2#68 Motor-Operated Appliances.

Landa MHC hot water pressure washer
Unloader Valve icon

Unloader Valve

Diverts the flow of water from the outlet to the inlet side of the pump, looping the flow of water to the pump under virtually no pressure.

Rupture Disk icon

Rupture Disk

Prevents thermal expansion of water by relieving pressure within the coil housing if a critical point is reached.

Pressure Relief Valve icon

Pressure Relief Valve

Releases hot, high-pressure water from the pump system, preventing dangerous over-pressurization and pump damage.

Horizontal Coil icon

Horizontal Coil

Engineered for even weight distribution on portable washers, unlike top-heavy vertical coils that can tip on uneven terrain.

Thermostat icon


Manages temperature and prevents overheating by cutting power to the solenoid valve, diverting fuel and stopping the burner.

Shrouded Hose icon

Shrouded Hose

Relieves strain and diverts spray in the event of hose failure with two feet of protected shroud positioned at the trigger gun.

Automated Controls: Includes a magnetic starter with auto stop-and-start at the trigger gun, plus time delay shutdown for operator convenience.

Rupture Disk: Designed to relieve pressure within the coil housing during possible malfunctions or other failures that could cause thermal expansion of the water in the coil.

Thermal Pump Protector: Protects the pump from damaging heat build-up while in bypass mode. If a rise in temperature is detected, the thermal relief valve opens and discharges a small amount of heated fluid, allowing cooler water to enter the system and cool the pump. The valve then closes when cooler water is detected via the discharged gun.

Motor Thermal Overload Switch: If an electric motor is overloaded or overheats, this switch can be activated to shut the motor off, avoiding internal electric damage.

Special Testing: Landa equipment is safety-certified to comply with the Flooding and Water Spray test, Drop-Impact Test and the Test on Gripping Areas.

Trigger Gun: All pressure washers with pressure ratings above 100 PSI must come standard with a trigger gun for quick-release control by the operator.

Wand Length: All wands between the spray gun trigger mechanism to  the end of the pressure nozzle must be  at least 30" long on pressure washers  of up to 3200 PSI, and 48" on pressure washers between 3200 and 5000 PSI. This is to help prevent operators from accidentally spraying themselves with a high-powered spray.

Unloader Valve: Relieves pressure buildup in the pump when the pressure washer is running but not washing.


Warning Labels: Labels must be resistant to oil and gasoline. We go a step further and attach our UV-resistant lexan labels, which contain ap­proved wording for operating instructions and warnings.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters: For operator protection, a factory-installed GFCI must be, according to the NEC Code, “an integral part of the cord attachment plug or located within 12 inches of the attachment plug” on all portable machines 250 volts or less, single phase.

Temperature Control Switch: Thermostat automatically shuts down the burner should water overheat.

Backflow Protection: Prevents cleaning water and soap from backing up into the water supply.

Motor Protection: Motors must come with a thermal overload protection device.

Safety Relief Components: Contains one of the following: rupture disk, pressure relief valve, and/or unloader valve. Protects against excessive buildup of pressure.

Electrical Cord: Portable Landa pressure washers are safety-certified water resistant and meet the minimum of 35 feet long to discourage use of extension cords that are unprotected by the required ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Componentry Tested: All electrical com­po­nents must be individ­ually evaluated. Machines are subjected to a dielectric voltage withstand test that identifies current leakage that can cause an electrical short.

Protect yourself. 

Pressure washer safety is in your hands, too. Follow these tips to protect yourself and those around you while operating a pressure washer.

Personal Protection Equipment icon

Always wear personal protection equipment like goggles, close-toed shoes, gloves, and ear protection.

Carbon Monoxide icon

Never use a gas-powered washer in an enclosed space as the exhaust fumes contain poisonous carbon monoxide.

GFCI outlet icon

Always plug a properly grounded electric pressure washer into a GFCI outlet and never use an extension cord.

Water faucet icon

Before starting the pressure washer, start the flow of water from a garden hose or ensure an adequate water supply.

person pressure washing icon

Assume a solid stance, point the gun away from others, and firmly grasp the wand to prepare for kick back.

voltage icon

Use caution when spraying near electrical outlets, fuse boxes, transformers and wires as severe shock or death may occur.

flame icon

Heed warning labels to avoid touching hot surfaces like the muffler and heating coil.

spray gun icon

Before changing nozzles, close the gun and engage the safety latch to prevent accidental activation of the trigger.

professional accessories icon

Use professional accessories to clean hard-to-reach areas like gutters, windows and undercarriages.

hourglass icon

Do not allow the washer to run for more than 3 minutes without relieving pressure in the spray gun.

pressure gauge icon

Never leave a pressurized unit unattended. After cutting power, squeeze the trigger to release any trapped pressure in the hose.

gas can icon

Before refueling, turn the power completely off, allow the pressure washer to cool down and refill in a well-ventilated area.

Pressure Washer Do's and Don'ts

Landa pressure washers are not only built tough, they’re built for safety. Industry best practices combined with Landa’s built-in safety features helps you maintain a safe workplace. Protect yourself and your team by following these pressure washer safety steps.

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Buy with confidence.

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Peace of mind knowing you comply with OSHA guidelines by owning equipment that’s independently safety-certified by an ETL laboratory.

Man in a hardhat next to the words Safer for the Operator

Built with quality industrial components and accessories with a track record of proven performance and simple operation.

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Best-in-class safety devices like patented cool bypass, elevated float tanks, magnetic starters, rupture disks and overload protection.

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