Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

Landa offers two powerful surface cleaners. The Water Jet, an industrial powerhouse, features a 2,000 RPM adjustable spray bar for precision cleaning. Made with stainless steel components, it's built for durability. The Cyclone, a cost-effective option, glides effortlessly on tubed pneumatic tires. With a non-adjustable 2,000 RPM spray bar, it's perfect for warehouse floors, sidewalks, and more. Both models boast rust-free polyethylene housing and user-friendly controls for efficient cleaning.

Surface Cleaners

Surface cleaners are an effective tool to have when cleaning sidewalks, driveways, and other pavement areas. They're an affordable addition to your cleaning arsenal and can help save you time and labor.

Landa's Water Jet Surface Cleaners Make Cleaning Easy

The Landa Water Jet is the ultimate surface cleaner. Attach to you Landa hot water or cold water pressure washer to clean flat surfaces faster and with less fatigue. Water Jet quickly and easily cleans areas much faster than a traditional pressure washer could, and its handy 20-inch cleaning wand is there when you need it for quick spot cleaning.

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