Pressure Washer Wands

Landa offers a versatile range of pressure washer wands designed to meet the diverse needs of high-pressure cleaning professionals. Whether it's the stainless steel variable pressure wand, meticulously engineered for exceptional durability and compliance with ETL standards, the stainless steel cold water wand with its high-visibility yellow safety cover, or the insulated wands providing superior heat protection with a choice of stainless steel or zinc-plated options, each wand exemplifies Landa's commitment to quality and performance in the industry.

Variable Pressure Wands

Landa Variable Pressure Wands simply out-class the competition. Available in stainless steel or zinc plated options, these wands feature a handle allowing the user to easily adjust the detergent flow intake. Designed specifically for high-pressure cleaning professionals.

Insulated Wands

Landa quality through and through. Superior heat protection with stainless steel tube construction. Available in stainless steel and zinc plated with vented grips or with molded plastic grip.

Cold Water Wands

The perfect pressure washer wand for high-pressure cold water cleaning. They are available in three different lengths, and they come in stainless steel or a highly visible yellow safety cover. Affordable, durable, and easy to connect.

Landa's Telescoping Wands Help to Keep You Grounded

Landa telescoping wands are invaluable tools that can help you safely clean areas that are out of range. Combined with your Landa pressure washer, you can blast away dirt at heights up to 24 feet in the air with force of up to 4000 PSI.

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