Cold Water Pressure Washers

Landa's cold water pressure washers are built to last. Offering a variety of electric or gas powered pressure washer configurations, Landa meets the needs of commercial and industrial cleaning in most continuous use situations.

Benefits of Cleaning With Cold Water

For everyday caked-on dirt and debris, an industrial cold water pressure washer is your most efficient cleaning solution. From mobile contract cleaners to large-scale industrial applications, cold water pressure washers offer 4 key benefits when compared to their hot water counterparts:

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Perhaps the biggest benefit of cold water VS hot water pressure washers is an overall lower equipment cost. Although rugged and reliable enough for industrial use, fewer mechanical components equal a lower purchase price.

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Whether you choose an electric or gas pressure washer, less power is needed to operate at maximum performance since there is no heating element required. This results in less power consumption and expense.

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Some materials such as plastic, wood, and painted surfaces cannot withstand high temperatures and may be destroyed or warped by hot water. Avoid potential damage and liability by washing worry-free with cold water.

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Unlike hot water machines, which include additional and harder-working mechanical components, cold water pressure washers require fewer replacement parts and less frequent service (AKA downtime).

Cold Water Pressure Washers — Available at Your Local Landa Dealer

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