Electric Hot Water Pressure Washers

Landa's electric hot water pressure washers are rugged, durable, and reliable. We offer a broad selection of electric-powered machines to meet all your cleaning needs, indoors or out, with choices that range from economical to industrial strength. Whether you have a need for a portable or stationary industrial pressure washer, Landa's got you covered.

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Portable vs Stationary – Which is Right For You?

Choosing between a portable or stationary electric hot water pressure washer comes down to application. Industries where your cleaning task remains in the same location are suited best for a stationary washer, while a portable pressure washer is ideal for cleaning tasks in different locations on the same job site.

A worker cleans construction equipment using a Landa PHW electric hot water pressure washer.

Portable Electric Hot Water Pressure Washers

Portable electric hot water pressure washers are best suited for construction sitescontract cleanerscatering businesses, wineries, breweries, and distilleries, since cleaning tasks often vary in location. Landa's mobile electric hot water pressure washers feature rugged wheels, flat-free tires for mobility, and safety features like our signature horizontal heating coil which prevents tipping through an optimal center of gravity. Landa accessories like hose reels, surface cleaners, turbo nozzles, and more, are the perfect compliment to any mobile electric hot water pressure washer, making on-the-go cleaning faster and easier than ever before.

Mobile Series: 

HOT – Entry-level diesel portable pressure washer
PHW – Premium diesel portable pressure washer
– LP-heated portable pressure washer

A Landa VHG stationary electric hot water pressure washer is shown installed inside a facility.

Stationary Electric Hot Water Pressure Washers

Stationary electric hot water pressure washers are the ideal choice for industrial applications like transportationagriculturemining, food service (restaurants), marinas, and car dealerships (garages), where the most stubborn messes of caked-on grease and oil are found. Installation of a double throw circuit breaker supplies stationary power washers the necessary electric power required to safely and effectively operate on a daily basis. For added convenience, all Landa stationary electric hot water pressure washers can be outfitted with a wireless remote to control the pump, burner, and detergent from up to 300 feet away.

Stationary Series:

ENG – Compact NG/LP stationary pressure washer
VHG – Flagship NG/LP stationary pressure washer
EHW – All-electric stationary pressure washer

Industries That Use Electric-Powered Machines

An excavator sits in a construction area.


Heavy equipment performs better and is required by law to be cleaned between job sites.

A combine harvester runs in a field at dusk.


Machinery like harvesters and tractors need routine cleaning to keep daily operations on schedule.

A semi truck drives down a freeway on a sunny morning.


Big rigs are what the world relies on for on-time delivery. Keep them clean to avoid costly downtime and repair.

Clean walking areas sit along a row of glass commercial structures.

Contract Cleaners

Building exteriors and windows shine and keep customers coming back through routine cleaning.

A spotless commercial kitchen is shown with stainless steel counters and equipment.


Cleanliness is paramount where food is prepared. Grease, oil and grime are no match for hot water.

An automotive service shop with cars on hydraulic lifts and on the ground.


Garages and car dealerships rely on a steady stream of business, with routine cleaning of bays and cars.

Industrial equipment operate inside a massive mining site.

Mining & Drilling

Quarry excavation, heavy construction, and oil fields depend on washers built to the most rugged specifications.

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