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5 Benefits of Landa's Signature Horizontal Coil

The heating coil on your washer determines how efficiently water is heated, affecting the speed and efficacy of your results. In the market of industrial power washers, you’ll notice the coil positioning varies across brands. Most Landa hot water washers feature our signature horizontal coil, meaning it lays flat instead of upright — a tried-and-true design backed by over 50 years of brand loyalty. So, what makes a horizontal coil better?

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Often copied but never matched, Landa’s signature horizontal heating coil is safer, stronger, more fuel efficient, and easier to service. Plus, it’s backed by our industry-leading 5-year warranty.

1. Fuel Efficiency

Because heat rises, pressure washers with a vertical coil become less efficient as hot air escapes out of the top of the stack. By contrast, a horizontal coil traps heat longer within the coil chamber, resulting in increased fuel efficiency.

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2. Safer Weight Distribution

Pressure washers that feature vertical coils tend to be top-heavy and dangerous to move, especially those with two front wheels. With 6-10 GPM units, vertical coils expand and put stress on welds where the coil connects to the frame. Landa’s horizontal coils are properly balanced and connected tightly to the frame to distribute weight across the entire unit for optimum safety, portability, and longevity.

An illustration demonstrates safer weight distribution

3. Weather Protection

While indoor storage is ideal, pressure washers sometimes end up stored outside, especially when mounted to trailers. Rain, snow, or sleet that falls directly into a vertical coil can damage the transformer and other electrical parts of the burner. Landa's horizontal coil is designed to protect these vital components in case of a misfire by allowing the diesel fuel to fall directly to the bottom of the coil.

An illustration demonstrates weather protection

4. Easier to Service

The burner inside an industrial pressure washer needs to be properly maintained to extend the life of the machine. Pressure washers with vertical coils are more difficult to service because they require service technicians to lift the coil in order to access any parts that need attention. With Landa's horizontal coil design, burner components are easily accessible for quicker maintenance.

An illustration demonstrates easier to service

5. Landa 5-Year Warranty

While other pressure washers offer a 1-3 year warranty, Landa backs our tried-and-true heating coil with a 5 year warranty. With added benefits like higher fuel efficiency, serviceability, safer transportation, and weather resistance, why would you ever go back to a vertical coil?

An illustration demonstrates Landa's 5-year warranty
illustration of a horizontal coil next to Landa Coil Descaler

Take care of your heating coil — and it will take care of you.

Coil Descaler quickly and safely removes hard water scale buildup that robs the performance of your pressure washer’s heating coil. Removing this residue improves water flow and heat transfer while reducing strain on the pump, preventing costly repair.


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