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Get faster and superior results using our complete, new line of environmentally friendly, phosphate-free detergents.

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Landa offers an assortment of detergents allowing you to a variety of objects and surfaces.

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Pressure Washer Detergents

Landa's concentrated pressure washer detergents are specially formulated for use with hot and cold pressure washers in commercial and industrial applications like construction, farming, transportation and manufacturing.

Pressure Washer Maintenance Detergents

Routine cleaning and maintenance are key to extending the life of your pressure washer. Landa pressure washer maintenance detergents help to prevent scale buildup, ensuring the performance of your pressure washer’s pump and heating coil.

Building Care Detergents

Landa offers a range building care detergents to meet your cleaning challenges with hard and soft indoor surfaces. From tough tile and concrete to delicate upholstery, our solutions cover all cleaning needs efficiently.

Parts Washer Detergents

Landa's parts washer detergents are specially formulated to remove petroleum, dirt carbon, and metal shavings from intricate metal, plastic, and rubber components when cleaning with an aqueous part washer.

Faster, superior results while being environmentally friendly.

The entire world is demanding more sustainable solutions in everything we do and detergents are no exception. Where most sustainable solutions come with some compromise, Landa has improved the performance, the speed and in most cases, lowered the in use cost for our complete line of detergents. At the same time, we have removed all of the phosphate, NTA and EDTA additives and replaced them with better performing materials that have less environmental impact. That's a win for everybody.

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Get Tough with Magnificent 7 Detergents

A selection of detergents curated by Landa chemists, dealers and users, the Magnificent 7 offers the best bang for your buck out of our entire line of soap. Each formula on this list offers economical, industry-leading cleaning results. Additionally, all formulas are highly rated by end users and come with reliable delivery times to ensure that your jobsite stays on schedule. Look for the Magnificent 7 icon to explore our top selection of detergents from general purpose cleaning to industrial degreasing and specialty chemicals.


10 Reasons For Using Landa Detergents

  1. Highly efficient and economical product formulas
    Only the best raw materials are used for Landa cleaning agents. This makes it possible to use the products in very low and cost-saving doses.

  2. Patented, easily-separable formulas
    Many Landa products are made using easily-separable formulas that lead to a quick separation of the aqueous and oleaginous phases in the oil separator and thus support compliance with legal regulations.

  3. Material-compatible formulas with corrosion protection components and other special additives
    Landa cleaning agents are specially formulated for use in Landa pressure washers. These formulations help to remove the most stubborn dirt while also being gentle on the machine. Numerous cleaning agents contain special ingredients for cleaning and protecting the machine.

  4. Thermally stable up to 300°F
    Landa pressure washer detergents are specially formulated for use in high-pressure cleaners.

  5. Continuous improvement by development department
    Landa detergents are developed on an ongoing basis to improve cleaning performance, shorten contact times and provide formulas that are even more eco-friendly.

  6. Taking responsibility for the environment, people and machine
    Landa consistently avoids the use of unnecessary solvents, heavy metals and other environmentally harmful and health-endangering substances. For the best possible protection of the operator, machine and environment.

  7. Environmentally friendly thanks to reduced packaging
    Landa detergents are highly concentrated and therefore require less packing material. This conserves natural resources and facilitates packing material disposal.

  8. Developed to meet the highest demands
    Numerous Landa cleaning agents are of food-grade quality and can be used in all areas of food production as applicable.

  9. Best performance with a fresh scent
    Numerous Landa cleaning agents contain fragrances such as lemon oil to combat unpleasant odours, and leave surfaces looking clean and fresh.

  10. The complete system from one single source
    The Landa system is based on expertise that benefits the operator: one manufacturer for machines, detergents and accessories. One dealer partner for assistance and advice.

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