Pressure Washer Trailers

Landa is a leading manufacturer of pressure washer trailers.

Our custom-mounted pressure washer trailers allow a single or dual-axle trailer to be paired with a self-contained gas or diesel powered hot water pressure washer. A broad range of optional accessories, including hose reels and chrome coverings, can be added to improve your workflow and make your job easier. Our revolutionary ECOS mobile wash and recovery system not only allows for remote cleaning, it also reclaims the dirty water from pressure washing for safe disposal or reuse. This versatility in the field allows organizations to meet most municipal and environmental regulations that restrict wash water runoff from entering and soiling the environment. Landa pressure washer trailer models are certified by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) to meet requirements determined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Available Pressure Washer Trailer Models

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