Pressure Washers for Contract Cleaners

Maintaining the cleanliness of building exteriors, sidewalks and parking lots is easy and affordable with Landa's lineup of commercial pressure washers.

Professional cleaning equipment for building service contractors

Maintaining Facility Appearance and Conditions

Having a clean entrance and building exterior is very important to facility managers, and it leaves a lasting impression on workers and visitors. Through regular maintenance, contract cleaners are able to easily remove dirt and unwanted particles from the exterior of buildings, sidewalks, windows, parking lots and garages. Landa offers an assortment of hot and cold water pressure washers allowing professionals in the field to blast mud, grease and grime in order to provide a clean working environment.

Using a Landa pressure washer to clean exteriors

Recommended Pressure Washer Models For Contract Cleaners

Recommended Detergent

Pressure washing graffiti

Remove graffiti and tags

Defaced property can create series damage. Trust Landa's hot water pressure washers and specially formulated detergents to help remove graffiti with ease.

Parking Lot

Restore parking areas

Blast away tough dirt, mud and oil spots to make your parking lot or parking garage look new again.


Keep sidewalks looking clean

Sidewalks that lead to building entrances can often track dirt indoors. Use a Landa pressure washer to remove soil and other contaminants.

Facade cleaning

Make building exteriors presentable

Landa pressure washers offer incredible cleaning performance by using the most advanced pressure washer technology.

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